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A Pox On Both Houses

The Silly Season Is Upon Us!

I don’t normally blog about politics but, c’mon, am I the only one who’s bone tired of it already?  I swear, we should haul anyone who shows a willingness to be a politician out into the street and terminate them with extreme prejudice as an object lesson.

To encourage the others, y’know?

In my opinion, only individuals with a violent aversion to politics should be elected – they’ll avoid the job like the plague and will bail at the first opportunity.   A self-limiting process, as it were…

Failing that, we should implement something I read about in some obscure SF novel back in my misspent youth; politicians, upon election, should be fitted with tamper-proof explosive collars with radio receivers.  Voters will have a website or phone number where they can register a “Approve” or “Disapprove” vote.  Get enough “Disapprove” votes and we’re having new elections.  Obviously, the system will need tweaking but I see no reason for lab testing, let’s go straight to a field beta to validate the hardware and software and then full production rollout upon the first successful detonation.




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How Many 5-year Olds Can You Stomp?

Bring It On, Shorty!



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The Vista Experience!

Does Bill Have It In For Me?



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Stand By For Monkey Drill!

If you look upon the banner at the top of this dive, you will observe three magnificent manifestations of the scum of America’s highways.  Two are obvious; GQMan is the tall, suspicious-looking dude on the right (your right) and I’m the one in the middle flashing the secret handsign of the Most Royal And Honorable Order Of The Sublime Nosepickers.  But who is the schlub on the left (your left) with the neon racing stripe?  That, gentle readers, is Trash, another riding bud of mine who is also joining this blog as an Author.


Note Trash’s face.

Trash is not happy.

Trash is not happy because his bike has not required a major overhaul on this trip. 

It’s why he’s called Trash.

Because that’s what Trash rides.

You see, Trash only rides Kawasakis that are at least 15 years old and are on the teetering edge of catastrophic mechanical breakdown.  Think Social Security 10 years from now and you’ll get the approximate idea.

And the green racing stripe? Well, we require him to wear it so we can find something recognizable to return to Mrs. Trash on the day his bike decides to vaporize itself at 70 MPH.

 However, with a bit of luck, and a lot of prayer, one day Trash will get a Harley and join GQMan and I on the Dark Side.

And then we’ll acknowledge him in public…


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Uh-oh, I See Trouble Coming…

One of my riding buds (and there’s only a handful I trust enough to ride with), GQMan, will be coming aboard this blog as an Author.   Here he is in Kerrville, TX earlier this year with a blissful look on that thing he hangs in front of his skull as he contemplates the riding day ahead of us.  The Hog you see in the background, The Perfect Machine, is his.


I would like to point out the neat goatee, tidy haircut, clean hands, shiny pearly whites, trimmed eyebrows, clean glasses, shiny leather, spotless jeans and general all-around cleaness emanating from this individual.  He wore creases in his jeans when we first started riding together.

Like a poster boy for Gentlemen’s Quarterly.

Hence, GQMan. 

 Common sense, experience and his series of possessed GPS units tell me this will be an adventure…


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