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Drag your carcasses over to GQMan’s place to check out our late 2007 and early 2008 road trips.


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ROT Rally 2003


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Galveston ’04 – Lone Star Rally

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Pictures & Stories of Motorcycle Trips

If you like to read stories about motorcycle trips, or look at pictures of motorcycles and past rides, then go to these links…

Stories & Photos of Motorcycle trips

Photos of Motorcycle Trips & Other

Uncle Fester’s Photos
Utah Ride
Big Bend, TX
Kerrville, TX area
Big Bend, TX
Fayettville, AR – Blues Bikes and BBQ Rally
Washington on the Brazos Park, TX
VROC Rally
Honda Chop
’04 Galveston Rally

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I got it honestly…


Notice the custom saddle bags, and adjustable front suspension!!!


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We Have a New Convert

We have a new convert to the Harley touring club…  He passed his initiation ride this past weekend, covering 800+ miles through sun and rain, over hill and over dale.  Haven’t figured out his road name yet, but it will come to me in a vision soon.New Convert

For more pictures of the initiation ride go to


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Today’s Safety Tip!


Bloody crimson smear.
Epidermis on the road.
Road rash is not cool.

Doctor shaking head.
Square meter of oozing meat…
Wear your leathers, man!

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