Fester Gets Excited

No, it wasn’t over a new head press.

The Brunette and the kids got me a ride on a B-17, the Thunder Bird, for my 50th birthday.  I was in the radio operator’s compartment for the takeoff but I got to sit up in the nose for the landing.  Here’s the video of it…

And here’s the link if you want to watch it fullscreen:




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4 responses to “Fester Gets Excited

  1. Happy belated birthday, Uncle! That is SO cool! During your ride were you thinking about those guys who had to ride in the thing in freezing temperatures for eight hours while being shot at? I can’t imagine what those guys went through. Or why all of them weren’t deaf by the end of the war!

  2. frothingatlemouse

    Fes, Dude. This is totally unbelievable. I gotta show Mr. Froth this. Happy belated 50th! Ya whippersnapper!

  3. Hey, Uncle, are you all right down there? I hope Ike didn’t do you any big damage…

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