Hello…anyone home?

Does this thing work?

The other night I was watching some old b&w 8mm movies that my father took back in the ’50s.  Yes, the old projector still runs after all these years.  Can you say American Made.  Bet you can’t find an 8-track player that still runs, or an 8-track tape that would play if you could find one.   But I digress…  One thing I noticed while watching the old movies was that in almost every reel he would point the camera at his face to see if it was running.  Fast forward 50 years and now I see Uncle Fester looking into his digital still camera to see if it’s working…  I’m curious – what exactly do you see that tells you that it’s working, and just because it worked on the last photo, how do you know that it works when you point it away from your face????  Inquiring minds want to know.



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6 responses to “Hello…anyone home?

  1. Uncle Fester

    I pushed the button and watched the flash.

    Are you sure you can handle all the buttons and doohickeys on your Beemer?

  2. GQMan

    The beamer doesn’t have a flash…

  3. Uncle Fester


    With all those buttons and switches, who could tell?

    It’s wild enough watching you in action with a GPS on a Harley, following you on the Beemer is like watching a one-man band.

  4. frothingatlemouse

    Very imposing picture. Remind me not to pass on the wrong side on the highway.

  5. GQMan

    Enough about motorcycles….I want to see wedding pictures.


  6. Yes, ma’am; I’ll bring the photos by next time I’m around…

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