Uh-oh, I See Trouble Coming…

One of my riding buds (and there’s only a handful I trust enough to ride with), GQMan, will be coming aboard this blog as an Author.   Here he is in Kerrville, TX earlier this year with a blissful look on that thing he hangs in front of his skull as he contemplates the riding day ahead of us.  The Hog you see in the background, The Perfect Machine, is his.


I would like to point out the neat goatee, tidy haircut, clean hands, shiny pearly whites, trimmed eyebrows, clean glasses, shiny leather, spotless jeans and general all-around cleaness emanating from this individual.  He wore creases in his jeans when we first started riding together.

Like a poster boy for Gentlemen’s Quarterly.

Hence, GQMan. 

 Common sense, experience and his series of possessed GPS units tell me this will be an adventure…



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6 responses to “Uh-oh, I See Trouble Coming…

  1. The title of this picture is “killing time while learning patience”. Though the Hogs are great to look at (can you say bling), it’s a lot more fun to be rolling down the road on them. I’m afraid that little grasshopper is a slow learner so I’ll have to repeat this lesson several more times…

  2. Fester, I’ve been wondering about the picture at the top of the page… Is this a picture of The Three Stooges, The Three Musketeers, or the Three Amigos???

    Looks like the middle guy is thumbing his nose at the cop… Wait, that’s you isn’t it!!! Did you ever pay that ticket?

  3. Shoot, that ticket is why I had to beg for pocket change to get to Pennsylvania. And it’s definitely a photo of The Three Stooges.

  4. Uncle Fester

    Well, The Three Dweebs at least.

  5. frothingatlemouse

    Hiya GQ Man! I question the company you keep…

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