How Do I Get Off This…


And still pay the bills?

Work has been hectic for the last month with travel and what-not.  Not much time to gel out, much less post anything and I just don’t have the synaptic energy left at the end of the day to be a deep thinker.



I’m headed out on a two-week 3000-5000 mile trip on Black Maria with Daughter #1’s wedding thrown in the middle for grins.  I’m bringing my laptop and camera so I hope to do some road-blogging on the way.

Y’all behave.


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One response to “How Do I Get Off This…

  1. GorillaBiker

    Been looking for updates, but I guess you couldn’t find any free hotspots. Was going to hop a flight just to rattle your cage, but life happens… Anxiously awaiting the updates, maybe we can do some dumpster diving and share a meal when you return!


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